The South Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry is poised to present an exciting menu of events that will keep our member and all in the South Coast economic space connected and in tune with the latest developments in our region.

During the year we will be hosting several speakers of influence to share their perspectives, present new opportunities and tell us of their activities that make them and their organisations tick. Not only do we learn from these experiences, it also helps us to identify linkages and find our own space in the local economic environment.

But we are much more that a group that keeps locals connected. We have our sights sharply focused on international developments and opportunities because we do, after all, live in a global community. We will, through our provincial and national partners, keep you informed of international opportunities and developments.

To be the best representatives of the South Coast business community and to meet your expectations, we invite you to take up membership with us. We have a plethora of unique benefits that we offer to members. This is over and above the great value we add to all players in the local economy.

We would love to hear from you – and your ideas on how we can serve you better. Contact Vijay Naidoo on 083 700 5427 or email

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